Emily’s Journey

Emily contacted me through social media back at the start of March, and after a consultation, we worked together to design a 4 week coaching programme to tidy up her nutrition, create a realistic exercise plan that would fit in with her busy lifestyle, and try to push past the plateau she’d been experiencing over the last few weeks.

Emily’s Journey over the last year, and the last 4 weeks working with my online coaching programme.

“Since I was young, and went through a few turbulent years before my Mum passing in 2008 I’ve always been bigger. When I “dieted” the wrong way and for the wrong reasons in 2012, it was still a first port of conversation for people, whether I’m bigger or smaller people have always told me what I should and shouldn’t look like. 

This time it’s for me…

Immediately after I saw this picture on holiday last year (pre lockdown) it upset me… I started exercising and eating better, But a month ago everything had slowed down and basically stopped, so I contacted James for advice… And we decided on a 4 week plan for both fitness and diet, and I seriously can’t thank him enough, the support and advice has been brilliant! The results have made me realise that asking for help when you need it pays off! Super stoked to continue and hit more targets, and continue my journey for me”

It’s been amazing working with Emily and being a part of her journey. In just 4 weeks Emily has lost another 5kg, dropping 11cm off her waist, and 7cm from her hips.
Moving forward I will continue to work with Emily via my online coaching platform and help her on her path.

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