Online Coaching

Our Online Coaching Programmes and Nutrition Plans are tailored to meet your individual goals and objectives, and are delivered via the Mypthub app which allows you to stay accountable for your health and fitness, track your training and nutrition, as well as uploading measurements and progress images.

Programmes are designed around your needs, based on what equipment you may or not have and the training environment you choose to train in, whether at home, outdoors or in the gym.

We provide ongoing follow up and support, with weekly check-ins via email or Zoom. 

Who does Online Coaching suit?:

  • If you live in a remote location
  • If you have very specific needs
  • If you have a busy schedule
  • If you travel a lot
  • If you would prefer to train at home
  • If you’re on a budget

Click here for more information or to purchase one of our Coaching Packages.

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