Online Fitness Classes

We run 7 x 30 minute classes via Zoom throughout the week.
Classes include:

HIIT THE DECK – a bodyweight HIIT class designed to improve cardiovascular fitness and explosive power. No equipment needed.
Fitness Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Cardio Core – designed to challenge your cardiovascular system and core muscles, developing both explosive power and core stability, in the form of high intensity interval training.
Fitness Level: All Levels

Awesome Abs – designed to challenge your core muscles, build stability, strength and improve posture.
Fitness Level: All Levels

Killer Kettlebells – A 30 minute class using kettlebells focusing on explosive power, aerobic fitness, total body strength, core stability and functional movement. Fitness Level: All Levels

Equipment required:

– 1 X Heavy Kettlebell (10-16kg+)

– 1 X Light Kettlebell (4-8kg)

– Exercise Mat

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